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Frequently Asked Questions

Are gas logs worth the cost? Are they affordable?

Yes, gas logs are practical and visually appealing. They are also very quick to install and can last for decades. Gas logs are almost always more affordable than installing a new fireplace.

Is installing a gas log set in a new house practical?

Yes, and there are several options! Installing a gas log set is a common practice among custom home builders, and some of the most luxurious homes in the world have gas log sets installed in their fireplaces.

Can I install new gas logs in an old gas fireplace?

Factory-installed log sets are not interchangeable with any other log sets as they require a specific set of replacement logs and must be ordered through a factory-authorized fireplace retailer. However, The Fireplace Solution can help you identify your gas log part number and install them correctly.

Selecting The Perfect Gas Log Set

Step 1

First, determine your venting system. Gas log sets typically come in vented or vent-free options. Vented sets require an operational wood-burning fireplace and provide radiant warmth with realistic flames. Vent-free sets deliver more heat but must adhere to state and local codes. If installing in an existing fireplace, identify the current venting to select the appropriate log set type.

Step 2

Next, accurately measure your fireplace to choose the properly sized logs. Note the width at the front and back, the depth from front to back, and the height at both the front and back. Consult a specialist to match your dimensions to the best log lengths. Proper sizing ensures an optimal aesthetic.

Step 3

Consider how you want to operate your gas fireplace. Match-lit systems without pilots lighting by open flame are common. Manually-lit pilot flames stay perpetually lit for easy on/off access. Remote-capable options allow control of various functions from afar. Decide which start and control method best suits your needs.

Step 4

Finally, determine which fuel source is readily available — natural gas or propane. If you have existing natural gas lines and appliances, logs that use this fuel may be preferable. For homes set up for propane, choose a compatible log set. Consult an expert if neither is present to decide which is optimal for your region.

Follow this simple guide when selecting your gas log set, and the perfect fireplace centerpiece for style and warmth is within reach. Reach out to The Fireplace Solution with any questions — we're happy to help you determine the ideal option.

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